Easy Installation

It is easy to lay and does not require specialized skills or equipment. Once laid, seeds sprout and grow quickly to give a beautiful green lawn.

Less Watering

The cellulose fiber absorbs the water and keeps up to ten times more moisture than soil, which leads to 30-60% less water usage and the seeds receive an optimal environment to grow in. The process also becomes faster and more effective.

A Process Made Easy:

Everything in one simple process, without the need for unnecessary and strenuous work.

TURFquick® is a biodegradable textile. It is pre-sown with seed and fertilizer, enabling vegetation to be restored easily and prevent further erosion of the underlying landscape.

Made from cellulose fibers that biodegrade over a period of 8-12 weeks, TURFquick® is a natural product and does not leave any synthetic residue. It has a tight internal structure that ensures that seeds and fertilizer are secured evenly and are not disturbed during handling, transportation, and installation.

“Plant a lawn, flowers or other plants simple, economical and environmentally friendly with Turfquicks patented, innovative and 100% biodegradable components.”


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Biologically degradable pre-seeded planting and cultivation textile – Lawn – Turf Grass – Flowers – Vegetables – Biodegradable Stake

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Get the beautiful, green lawn you have always dreamed of with the handy TURFquick roll out grass. This grass covers 10-25-50 sqm and is ideal for patching bare spots.

Pre-seeded and 100 percent biodegradable, this product are easy to use: roll out the grass, cut to any size and water. This roll-out turf is made from a unique blend and contains “Stay wet” growth stimulant technology. With quick germination, results are guaranteed with this grass. This roll-out lawn performs well in sun and shade.

    • Pre-seeded with 6,000 seeds per 1 sqft.
    • 100 percent biodegradable.
    • Roll out and water.
    • Great for new lawns or patching bare spots.
    • This product contains both seeds and nutrients for a lush green garden.
    • The unique blend works well for any park or lawn.
    • Great for high-traffic areas.
    • This product performs great in the sun and shade.
    • Quick germination process.
    • Results are guaranteed.
    • Cut to any size – Easy to form.
    • Formulated for your region.
    • Contains “Stay wet” growth stimulant technology.

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