Why use Turfquick Planting Textile?

Why use TURFquick Planting Textile?


• 100% Biological:

Manufactured with cellulose fiber which is completely natural and degradable. 6-9 weeks after it has been rolled out, it will decompose into fertilizer for the ground.

• Less watering:

The cellulose fiber absorbs the water and keeps up to ten times more moisture than soil, which leads to 30-60% less water usage and the seeds receives an optimal environment to grow in.The process also becomes faster and more effective.

• Thin and Flexible:

The textile is only about 3 mm thin. When it is rolled out and watered, it follows the grounds character and forms accordingly.

• Seed mixtures:

We have chosen the best suppliers for grass seeds and flower mixtures, adapted according to climate and need.

• Amount of seeds:

The right amount and distribution of seeds is vital for optimal establishment.

• Prevents loss of seeds:

Birds and insects cannot access the seeds.

• Fertilizer:

A sufficient amount of organic manure can be found in the textile to make its germination stable and strong.

• Erosion damage:

Our planting textiles protect against erosion damage from such as rain showers.

• Weed:

Of course it is also used to fight weed. Since weed has round leafs, they can’t grow through the textile.


• Quick installation:

Two people can roll out 500 m2 of TURFquick in about 6 hours, with and incline of about 24-25 degrees, which corresponds to about 3 hours on plain surface.

• Usable for different areas:

Use the TURFquick planting textiles for residential gardens, golf courses, soccer fields, parks and infra structures to create green areas or erosion control.

• No waste, easy to form:

The textile is easy to cut using normal scissors, the textile is easily formable which is great for areas with trees, stones and other obstacles. The remains you can keep in a bag and use later if needed, which reduce significantly the waste.

• Keeps in place:

The textile keeps the seeds in place during watering. The seeds will not float around which makes its germination stable and strong.

• Long storage:

Each package can be kept for two years, given that it is stored dry and cool.

• Easy transport:

Because of the lightweight and the material is soft a truck can carry 40.000 m2 and a normal estate car can fit 1.000 m2.

• Easy to carry:

It can also be applied to areas that are difficult to reach, only wights around 13 kg per 100 m2.

• A process made easy:

Everything in one simple process, without the need for unnecessary and strenuous work.