Rosemarin, 1607

Grows slowly and unevenly

Cute little shrub with lovely fragrant, aromatic, pine coniferous leaves. Lovely spice for meat dishes, potato dishes, lamb, bird and game. You can also make tea from the leaves. Is perennial but not really hardy. Should be winter cooled indoors as a pot plant or grown as a one-year-old. Grows slowly and unevenly. Cut branches before the plant begins to flower. Tied to bouquets that are allowed to hang and dry. Thrives in hatches and warm soil. Can advantageously be grown in a large pot.


So sparsely moist soil. Place the pot in the refrigerator for 2-3 weeks. Take it out and set lightly. When the seeds cave they put 1 plant / pot with fertilized soil.

Seasonal Features

Cute little shrub with lovely fragrant, aromatic, pine coniferous leaves.

Thrives in hatches and warm soil


EAN code:73500030909 77
Latin name:Rosmarinus officinalis L.
Plant position:Sun
Number of seeds:50
Height, cm:10cm x 20cm
Price group:A