The idea about TURFquick started in 2012. The innovative, biological and degradable. Planting textile is brought forth as a result of 2 years of hard work and research.

After a couple of years with trials and errors we decided to open our own factory in Sweden. We have our Head Office at the same location which
makes the cooperation between innovation and production very efficient.

End of 2015 marks the beginning of Turfquick, with its factory being establishedin Nynäshamn, Sweden. With professional engineers by our side, the machines that nowproduce this textile were built in that same factory.

September 2016 marks the beginning of Turfquick production. The machines are capable of producing 10.000 m2 Turfquick per day with a wide range of possibilities regarding seeds and plants. Within a year, over 500.000 m2 Turfquick has been rolled out in a range of different countries.

During this time, the lawns have been established, the seeds have grown, the cellulose fibres have decomposed and references have been made without negative feedback.

During 2017, TURFquick has participated in 8 different international fairs around Europe to spread the world and introduce Turfquick to the world market.

With its benefits, the product has won its truston the market with a large amount of praise and was chosen as the supplier for the different cities in Sweden. At the moment Turfquick is being marketed and sold through retailers in 16 different countries. TURFQUICK unique innovation has nominated to ELMIA GARDEN AWARD 2019.

For 2019 a new production line has been prepared. Using different seed mixtures that are tailored for different climates and needs we have the ability to offer a wide range of products.

Our aim is to always have 100.000 m2 in stock containing different mixtures, which will ensure quicker delivery times. If any questions or thoughts come to mind, do not hesitate to contact us.


Håkan Isak Yilmaz