Nordic Pro

Nordic Pro 1733 · 4,5 kg – 40m2

To high extensive wear surfaces in central and northern parts

  • The highest amount of Bluegrass on the market
  • Combines durability with beauty
  • Combines durability with beauty
  • Easy to maintain

For broad surface-wear in central and nordic areas

Nordic Pro provides a fancy, dense and low-growing grass with high wear resistance. The mix has the market’s highest content of meadow green, which also creates the highest possible wear resistance even in the northernmost parts. Bluegrass seeds need a sheltered and moist soil to grow. Therefore, it is an advantage to establish the mixture in summer or summer months.

The soil should be both warm and damp so that the grass can grow.
TURFquick NORDIC PRO should be rolled out during summer but can be rolled out all year as long as there is no snow.

The soil should be warm and damp so that the grass can grow.

Good contact between grass seed and soil is essential for proper germination. When the grass is 50-70 mm it is advisable to make the first cut. The green or herb can be cut down to about 35 mm in the first place. Cutting speed and desired height are adjusted gradually.

Establishment is the key-point

High-quality seed mixtures for different needs and climates, supplied by DLF Seeds and tested by SCANTURF and SCANGREEN, the programs of the seed industry and researchers in Scandinavia.


Hard Wearing - 100 %
Fine Lawn - 80 %
Repair - 70 %
Drought - 100 %
Shade - 70%
Cold - 60 %
Salinity - 100%
Moss - 80%
Low Maintenance - 60%
Scale 10 – 100, where 100 = best or most pronounced.


Nordic Pro · 4,5 kg · 40 m2

EAN code:73500030903 80
Contents per sq m.ca. 110 gram.

ca. 8 gram fertilizer or manure.
ca. 32 gram Grass seed mixes.

ca. 70 gram Cellulose fiber.
Order quantity:50 pcs - 1 EUR-pallet. (120 cm x 80 cm x 265 cm).
Dimensions:0.80 x 50 m = 40 square meters (m2).
Attribute:Grass Seed Mixes
Weight (Approx:)ca. 4.5 kg

Nordic Pro - Seeds Mixture Composition

%SpeciesScientific name
25Perennial ryegrassLolium perenne 4n
15Chewings fescueFestuca rubra commutata
15Slender creeping red fescueFestuca rubra trichophylla
35Kentucky bluegrassPoa pratensis
5Kentucky bluegrassPoa pratensis
5Kentucky bluegrassPoa pratensis