Nature Flower Mix

Nature Flower Mix 1953 · 0,5 kg · 5m2

9 different wild grasses with fine light flowers.

  • Perennial natural grass mix with fine light flowered stems.
  • Withstand moisture, drought, shade, full sun as well as light and heavy soil.
  • Thorn-forming grasses – provide space for flowering herbs.
  • For extensive areas.
  • Good competitive power also on clay soil.

Ornamental and natural grass mix.

Perennial seedling consisting of 9 different turf-grazing kinds of grass with beautiful light-colored flowers.

The mixture is composed to include species that can withstand a variety of conditions such as shade, full sun, drought, moisture, clay soil and sandy soil.

The species are rooted, giving room for flowering herbs. We recommend that flowers and grazes separately, but if you want to mix flower seeds with grass seeds, this mixture will be the most suitable.

With up to 9 different wild grasses varieties.

It blooms after 8 weeks. Then it blooms until the frost or snow arrives.


Perennial 100 %
Spring Sowing 80 %
Autumn sowing 100 %
Clay soil 100 %
Sandy Soil 100 %
Height 80 %

Scale 10 – 100, where 100 = best or most pronounced.

Nature Flower Mix - Grow in the garden

EAN code:73500030905 33
Contents:ca. 3 gram.
Order quantity:20.
Dimensions:0.80 x 6.25 m = 5 square meters (m2).
Height:60 - 80 cm.
Plant Class:Hardy Annual (HA)
Weight (Approx:)0.5 kg

Mixture Composition

Nature Flower Seed Mixture

Common nameSpeciesHeight (cm)ColourBloom TimeSuggested UseWaterMaintenance
common quaking grassBriza media60-90 cm.GreenMay to JuneNaturalizeMediumLow
Crested DogstailCynosurus cristatus50-75 cm.
Sheep's-fescueFestuca ovinaLawn; Cultivated Beds
Sweet vernal grassAnthoxanthum odoratum
Timothy-grassPhleum pratense
Wood bluegrassPoa nemoralis
Tufted Hair GrassDeschampsia cespitosa60-90 cm.Tones of gold, silver, purple and greenJuly to SeptemberGround CoverMediumLow
Purple Moor GrassMolinia caerulea30-80 cm.Purple tingedRain GardenMedium to wetLow
Luzula luzuloides