Mejren, 1604

Low plant with insignificant white flowers

Easy to grow and good spice door in pea soup but also for dishes like pizza, mince sauce. Small, low plant with insignificant white flowers. Grows as a
one-year with us but is really perennial. Harvesting leaves afterwards. For drying, whole stalks are harvested before the plant blooms which are hung
upside down to dry. Thrives best in shady muddy soil, not too muddy.


So many seeds / pot. Cover with plastic or place in mini greenhouse and keep the seed moist. After emergence, set light and cool. Transplant after frost.

Direct Sowing

Water the sowing surface before sowing. Cover very thinly with soil. Keep the seed moist until the seeds cave.

Seasonal Features

Thrives best in shady muddy soil, not too muddy.

Cover very thinly with soil


EAN code:73500030910 11
Latin name:Origanum majorana L.
Plant position:Sun
Number of seeds:50
Height, cm:10cm x 20cm
Price group:A