Masterline Premium

Masterline Premium 1732 · 4,5 kg - 40m2

Dense and low-growing lawn

  • Safe choice for both use and ornamental lawn
  • Dense varieties with low growth
  • Easy to maintain

The nice lawn

Masterline Premium is a safe choice for both utility and ornamental lawn. A beautiful, rugged and low-growth park that becomes a real ornamental lawn under loving care. The proportion of small rag grass gives quick germination.

The grass is established safer because it contains fertilizer. Good contact between grass seed and soil is important for the germination. When the grass is about 5-7 cm elevated, you start cutting it. Wait for water until the grass has sprung.

High-quality seed mixtures for different needs and climates, supplied by DLF Seeds and tested by SCANTURF and SCANGREEN, the programs of the seed industry and researchers in Scandinavia.


Hard Wearing - 90 %
Fine Lawn - 90 %
Repair - 70 %
Drought - 100 %
Shade - 80%
Cold - 90 %
Salinity - 100%
Moss - 80%
Low Maintenance - 60%
Scale 10 – 100, where 100 = best or most pronounced.

STARTER KIT PREMIUM · 1,4 kg · 10m2

EAN code:73500030902 81
Contents per sq m.ca. 40 gram.

ca. 8-10 gram fertilizer or manure.
ca. 32-35 gram Grass seed mixes.

ca. 80 gram Cellulose fiber.
Order quantity:120 pcs - 1 EUR-pallet. (1200 mm x 800 mm).
Dimensions:0.80 x 12.50 m = 10 square meters (m2).
Attribute:Grass Seed Mixes
Weight (Approx:)ca. 1.2 - 1.4 kg

Masterline Premium · 4,5 kg · 40 m2

EAN code:73500030903 73
Contents per sq m.ca. 110 gram.

ca. 8 gram fertilizer or manure.
ca. 32 gram Grass seed mixes.

ca. 70 gram Cellulose fiber.
Order quantity:50 pcs - 1 EUR-pallet. (120 cm x 80 cm x 265 cm).
Dimensions:0.80 x 50 m = 40 square meters (m2).
Attribute:Grass Seed Mixes
Weight (Approx:)ca. 4.5 kg

Masterline Premium - Seeds Mixture Composition

%SpeciesScientific name
10Perennial ryegrassLolium perenne
10Perennial ryegrassLolium perenne
25Chewings fescueFestuca rubra commutata
25Slender creeping red fescueFestuca rubra trichophylla
15Kentucky bluegrassPoa pratensis
15Kentucky bluegrassPoa pratensis
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