Highway Infrastructure

Highway Infrastructure 1736 · 4,5 kg – 40m2

Suitable for roadsides and large areas

  • Durable
  • Highly drought tolerant
  • Can be used in nature
  • Easy to maintain

A good choice for roadsides

Masterline Highway-infrastructure is a smart choice for roadsides and large areas. The durable red fescue carries a lot of resistance and can grow in environments that lack nutrients.

The mixtures adaptability to different soil- and climate conditions improve through the addition of hard fescue and sheep’s fescue. Perennial ryegrass guarantees quick establishment and with that a fast and effective erosion control.

Preparation of the ground

The surface should, for the best result, be free from year-old weeds such as couch grass and thistles. The ground should not be all too rich in nutrients. The best results come with soil that lacks nutrients, such as sand/fine sand or subsoil.

Too muddy and nutrient-rich soils may be improved by making a deep plowing and mix the food soil with rough peat moss or leaner subsoil.

If the ground is compact or dry, the surface should be dug up and watered.

The ground should be plain so that TURFquick Highway-infrastructure receives good contact with the soil on the rollout


Hard Wearing - 100 %
Fine Lawn - 100 %
Repair - 70 %
Drought - 100 %
Shade - 70%
Cold - 60 %
Salinity - 100%
Moss - 80%
Low Maintenance - 60%
Characteristics on a scale from 10-100, where 100 is best

Highway Infrastructure · 4,5 kg · 40 m2

EAN code:73500030904 10
Contents per sq m.ca. 110 gram.

ca. 8 gram fertilizer or manure.
ca. 32 gram Grass seed mixes.

ca. 70 gram Cellulose fiber.
Order quantity:50 pcs - 1 EUR-pallet. (120 cm x 80 cm x 265 cm).
Dimensions:0.80 x 50 m = 40 square meters (m2).
Attribute:Grass Seed Mixes
Weight (Approx:)ca. 4.5 kg

Highway Infrastructure - Seeds Mixture Composition

%SpeciesScientific name
10Perennial ryegrassLolium perenne
25Chewings fescueFestuca rubra commutata
15Slender creeping red fescueFestuca rubra trichophylla
30Strong creeping red fescueFestuca rubra rubra
5Kentucky bluegrassPoa Pratensis
15Hard fescueFestuca trachyphylla