Flower Mixture Low

Flower Mixture Low 1945 · 0,5 kg · 5m2

New low flower field.

  • 1 year of differents summer flowers.
  • Colorful flower sea.
  • Long flowering time.
  • Low growth.
  • Easy to maintain.

Suitable for houses, garden, park or large areas.

The mixture is made up of different 1 year summer flowers.

Suitable for one season to create a colorful flower sea with long flowering time.

A dwarf mixture of rich blooming types. The low growth and the many colors are perfect in any street scene.

With up to 13 different flower varieties in each garden, these colorful dazzling blooms will last all season long and be sure to impress the neighborhood!

Flower Mixture Low to grow in the garden

EAN code:73500030902 15
Contents:ca. 3 gram
Order quantity:20
Dimensions:0.80 x 6.25 m = 5 square meters (m2).
Height:60 cm
Plant Class:Hardy Annual (HA)
Weight (Approx:)0.5 kg


Annual 100 %
Perennial 30 %
Spring Sowing 100 %
Autumn sowing 20 %
Clay Soil 100 %
Sandy Soil 100 %
Height 70 %

Scale 10 – 100, where 100 = best or most pronounced.

Mixture Composition

Flower Mixture Low Seed Mixture

Commom NameSpeciesHeight (cm)ColourBloom TimeSuggested UseWaterMaintenance
California PoppyEschscholzia californica30-45 cm.Orange/YellowJune to JulyAnnualMediumLow
CandytuftIberis umbellata25-40 cm.July to SeptemberAnnualMediumLow
China AsterCallistephus sinensis30-90 cm.Multi Colour MixMay to SeptemberAnnualMediumLow
Corn FlowerCentaurea cyanus30-60cm.Blue/pink/whiteJune to SeptemberAnnualMediumLow
Dwarf Morning GloryConvolvulus tricolor10-15 cmBlue petals with white throat and yellow centerJune to SeptemberAnnualMediumLow
Farewell to SpringGodetia grandiflora35-50 cm.Pink/Red/whiteJune to AugustAnnualMediumLow
FlaxLinum annum15-30 cm.Blue/RedMay to AugustAnnualMediumLow
Love in a mistNigella damascena45-60 cm.Blue/pink/Purple/whiteJune to AugustAnnualMediumLow
Mexican MarigoldTagetes patula30-55 cm.Yellow, orange, red and bicolorJune to frostAnnualMediumLow
Pot MarigoldCalendula officinalis30-60 cm.Orange/yellowMay to JuneAnnualMediumMedium
Sweet alyssumLobularia maritima15-30 cm.Lilac/VioletApril to JuneAnnualDry to mediumMedium
Sweet alyssumLobularia maritima15-30 cm.WhiteApril to JuneAnnualDry to mediumMedium
Virginia StocksMalcomia maritime15-30 cm.Lilac/pink/whiteMay to AugustAnnualDry to mediumMedium