Fields Flowers

Fields Flowers 1955 · 0,5 kg · 5m2

Colour Boost 2 - high-impact annuals wildflower mixture

  • Natural meadow.
  • Alternative to lawn.
  • Never add nutritions.
  • 1 year summer flowers.
  • Colorful flower sea.
  • Long flowering time.
  • 11 different flowering species / varieties.

Colour Boost 2 is a low-growing seasonal annuals wildflower seed mixture, designed to create a robust and attractive display in areas where final growing height is of paramount importance. This is particularly relevant when sowing near visibility splays and sight lines on road junctions.

This 100% dwarf flower mixture will provide rich blooms throughout the season, perfect for enhancing any street scene. Quick to establish with a long flowering period from 8 weeks after sowing up until the first frosts.

The fields flowers mixtures offered by us consist of approximately 12 different wildflowers that differ in color and growth. It is a mix of annual and perennial types. Some of the species are:

  • Sweet Alyssum
  • Dwarf Morning Glory
  • Cornflower
  • California Poppy
  • Farewell to Spring
  • Virginia Stocks
  • Flax
  • Love-in-a-Mist
  • Mexican Marigold
  • China Aster
  • Pot Marigold
  • Candytuft

Key features

  • Designed to create enhanced, attractive amenity spaces.
  • Provides essential food source and habitat for many species of animals and pollinating insects.
  • Cost saving compared to more traditional bedding schemes.
  • Sown directly onto the site.
  • Requires little irrigation, fertiliser / chemical application.
  • Low maintenance throughout the season.
  • Sowing rate for all Colour Boost mixtures 3-5g/m2.

100% flower seed mixtures are notoriously difficult to sow when applying at just a few grams per m2. To ensure even sowing and correct application rates, we use corn skin granule as a carrier is recommended. This is natural and biodegradable.

Planting - Time of roll out

TURFquick Meadow can be rolled out from April to September, but the best time is late summer. That way the herbs natural rhythm is used. Many herbs grow the next spring after sowing, when the winter cold, which causes the flowers dormancy, is over.

We do not recommend that you roll out TURFquick Fields meadow directly onto an existing lawn.

Caring for Flowering Fields

In general, flowering fields should only be mowed once a year during the late summer, after the main flowering period. Mowing should be carried out with a rotary or flail mower, and the cut material should be removed from the area. Fields of flowers should not be fertilized. If large quantities of unwanted plants appear during the first year, it may be necessary to mow the field twice, mowing for the first time before the unwanted species spread their seeds.

* We reserve ourselves for sold-out varieties. Changes
may occur in the composition of the mixtures. Every cubic meter
consists of 3-4 flower seed mixtures


Annual 100 %
Perennial 30 %
Spring Sowing 100 %
Autumn sowing 20 %
Clay Soil 100 %
Sandy Soil 100 %
Height 70 %

Scale 10 – 100, where 100 = best or most pronounced.

Create Beautiful Landscapes or Seed Bed

One succeeds best with Turfquick fields on soil that lacks nutrition and is without weed.

Fields Flowers to grow in the garden

EAN code:73500030905 88
Contents:ca. 3 gram
Order quantity:20
Dimensions:0.80 x 6.25 m = 5 square meters (m2).
Height:60 cm
Plant Class:Hardy Annual (HA)
Weight (Approx:)0.5 kg

Mixture Composition

Fields Flowers Seeds Mixture

Commom NameSpeciesHeight (cm)ColourBloom TimeSuggested UseWaterMaintenance
California PoppyEschscholzia californica30-45 cm.Orange/YellowJune to JulyAnnualMediumLow
CandytuftIberis umbellate15-45 cm.Blue/pink/purple/whiteApril to MayGround CoverMediumMedium
China AsterCallistephus sinensis30-90 cm.Multi Colour MixMay to SeptemberAnnualMediumLow
CornflowerCentaurea cyanus40-85 cm.Blue/pink/whiteMay to JulyAnnualMediumLow
Dwarf Morning GloryConvolvulus tricolor10-20 cm.Blue petals with white throat and yellow centerJune to SeptemberAnnualMediumLow
FlaxLinum annum15-30 cm.Blue/RedMay to AugustAnnualMediumLow
Farewell to SpringGodetia grandiflora35-50 cm.Pink/Red/whiteJune to AugustAnnualMediumLow
Love in a mistNigella damascene45-60 cm.Blue/pink/Purple/whiteJune to AugustAnnualMediumLow
Mexican MarigoldTagetes patula30-55 cm.Yellow, orange, red and bicolorJune to frostAnnualMediumLow
Pot MarigoldCalendula officinalis30-60 cm.Orange/yellowMay to JuneAnnualMediumMedium
Sweet AlyssumLobularia maritime15-30 cm.Lilac/WhiteApril to JuneAnnualDry to mediumMedium
Virginia StocksMalcomia maritime15-30 cm.Lilac/pink/whiteMay to AugustAnnualDry to MediumLow