Fairway Golf

Fairway Golfmaster 1747 · 4,5 kg - 40m2

Unique luxury mixture for golf fairways.

  • Very fine leaves
  • Tolerates close mowing
  • Fantastic general appearance
  • Two formulas: Cold and temperate as well as hot
    and dry regions
  • Easy to maintain

Do not compromise

Sometimes only the best is good enough. For the best lawn the answer will be Golfmaster – here are no compromises made.

Only top varieties

In Fairway Golfmaster we only use the newest varieties with the best ranking in tests all over the world. And we always use more than one variety of each species – in order to ensure the maximum benefit of the strong points of each variety.

The result is luxury

With Fairway Golfmaster and with the correct maintenance you will have the most beautiful and dense green carpet in your garden.

Two versions of Golfmaster

in order to create the best lawn under different conditions we offer two formulas of Golfmaster. One for cold and temperate regions and one for hot and dry areas.


Hard Wearing - 70 %
Fine Lawn - 100 %
Repair - 60 %
Drought - 80 %
Shade - 80%
Cold - 80 %
Salinity - 70%
Moss - 80%
Low Maintenance - 80%
Characteristics on a scale from 10-100, where 100 is best

Fairway Golfmaster · 4,5 kg · 40 m2

EAN code:73500030905 26
Contents per sq m.ca. 110 gram.

ca. 8 gram fertilizer or manure.
ca. 32 gram Grass seed mixes.

ca. 70 gram Cellulose fiber.
Order quantity:50 pcs - 1 EUR-pallet. (120 cm x 80 cm x 265 cm).
Dimensions:0.80 x 50 m = 40 square meters (m2).
Attribute:Grass Seed Mixes
Weight (Approx:)ca. 4.5 kg

Fairway Golf - Seeds Mixture Composition

%SpeciesScientific name
10Chewings fescueFestuca rubra commutata
10Chewings fescueFestuca rubra commutata
15Slender creeping red fescueFestuca rubra trichophylla
15Slender creeping red fescueFestuca rubra trichophylla
20Strong creeping red fescueFestuca rubra rubra
15Kentucky bluegrassPoa pratensis
15Kentucky bluegrassPoa pratensis