Catgrass, 1611

Just add water!


  • Put the soil in a flowerpot and lay the
    Turfcat grass on top of the soil.
  • Place tray in a warm and humid area
    away from direct sunlight.
  • Grass will sprout after 5-10 days. Move
    pot to a bright location.
  • Grass is ready when it reaches 10 cn (4”).
    Do not allow pet to eat textile (it has no
    nutritive value).

Because hair is poorly digested and tends to accumulate during normal cat grooming, many cats develop “hairballs”. Free roaming cats may eat grass to make regurgitation of the foreign bodies easier. For housecats, Turfquick® Cat Grass provides vitamins, minerals and fiber, which may aid in the normal digestive processes. Most cats love to eat grass and Turfquick® Cat Grass brings the outdoors indoors.

Packaging and container are recyclable.


Pure Seed - 47.80 %
Inert Material (Added Vermiculite) - 50 %
Weed Seed - 2.2 %
Germination - 90 %


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