Cabbagre, 1600

Water when dry

‘Lord Kale’

Kale with red leaf nerves, mainly harvested as “baby leaf”. The taste is sweet and the leaves are wonderfully good on the breakfast sandwich. Thrives in a clay-rich, muddy and well-drained soil, but is unassuming. Water when dry.


So on moist seeded soil. Cover thinly with soil. Keep moist. Set warm to 22 ° C. After emergence, light and cooler. Use the leaves in cooking when they are just large or transplant in fertilized soil to 1 plant / pot. Harden the plants before transplanting.

Directly Sown

When the earth gets warm. Water the soil before sowing. Keep the seed moist until the seeds cave.

Seasonal Features

Cover thinly with soil. Water when dry!

Harden the plants before transplanting


EAN code:73500030909 53
Latin name:Brassica oleracea
Plant position:Sun
Number of seeds:50
Height, cm:10cm x 20cm
Price group:A