Butterfly and Honeybee

Butterfly and Honeybee 1942 · 0,5 kg - 5 m2

Ten blooming species with a lot of pollen
and nectar

  • Suitable for sandy soil
  • Enget til lerjord
  • Winterised
  • Closeness
  • Good for feed
  • Single and perennial species
  • Attracts bees and other insects

Many flowering species

The pollen and nectar mixture is composed of the species buckwheat, quinoa, oilseed, honeydew, feed marrow, red and white clover, alsiklover, celling duck,
stone clover and esparset.


The purpose of the pollen and nectar mixture is the summer through producing pollen and nectar, which attracts bees, butterflies, flies, etc. It provides birth to the insects and at the same time provides a birthplace for the birds of bird birds. The mixture thrives on most soil types and best in the open country where there is some direct sun. Can be included in the biotoplan.

DLF, Denmark’s Hunters Association and the Danish Beekeeping Association have developed the mix and have entered into practical demonstrations arranged by beekeepers.

Long flowering period. Pollen and nectar for bees, such as birds, flies, etc., which is also the birthplace of birds of the bird.


Buckwheat, quinoa, oilseed, honeydew, feed marrow, red clover, white clover, Alsiklover, carnation, stone clover, esparsette


Spring Sowing - 100 %
Autumn sowing - 10 0%
Clay Soil - 100 %
Sandy Soil - 90 %
Height - 90%
Scale 10 – 100, where 100 = best or most pronounced.

Butterfly and Honeybee to grow in the garden

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Contents:ca. 3 gram.
Order quantity:20.
Dimensions:0.80 x 6.25 m = 5 square meters (m2).
Height:60 cm.
Plant Class:Hardy Annual (HA)
Weight (Approx:)0.5 kg