Basil, 1603

Thrives in nutritious, well-drained soil


Provides high harvest of smooth, green leaves with strong and aromatic scent. Use fresh leaves in tomato sauces, salads etc. The leaves can be frozen, but lose aroma. Pinch off the entire top and use the leaves. Basil is a heatloving plant and is suitable for growing in a pot in a sunny and warm position. Can also be sown in batches and grown indoors all year round, but needs extra lighting during winter. Thrives in nutritious, well-drained soil. Nourish regularly.


For planting out when the minimum night temperature is 15 ° C. Saw in moist seed soil. Set in room temp. Transplant 3-4 plants / pot in fertilized soil. Use extra lighting for early seeding.

Seasonal Features

Use extra lighting for early seeding.

Saw in moist seed soil


EAN code:73500030910 04
Latin name:Origanum majorana L.
Plant position:Sun
Number of seeds:50
Height, cm:10cm x 20cm
Price group:A