Arugula, 1606

Lettuce with a powerful and spicy taste

‘Dragon’s Tongue’

Fantastic good in salads, preferably together with a little chevre, melon and walnuts. Can be grown both outdoors and in pot. Also excellent for growing indoors all year round, then the leaves get a milder taste. During high summer, the plant easily goes into flower – nip of any flower stems. For even supply of fresh and mustard, the seeding should be repeated every few weeks. Cover with nonwovens to prevent infestation of pests. Harvest gradually when the leaves are about 7 cm long.

Direct sown
Water in the sow before sowing. Keep moist until the seeds cave.

Seasonal Features

Can be grown both outdoors and in pot.

Excellent for growing indoors!


EAN code:73500030909 60
Latin name:Diplotaxis tenufolia Plant
Plant position:Sun to semi-shade
Number of seeds:50
Height, cm:10cm x 20cm
Price group:A